Truth… or Dare?

“If Truth is Your Enemy, Then You Have a Major Marketing Problem!”

~ Prof. William Proffit

Interesting news this week, where reported that OrthoAccel Technologies – the company manufacturing and marketing Acceledent; its product that the company “claims” speeds up orthodontic tooth movement by up to %50 – has been found to be pushing out “misleading marketing” to the public, as ruled by The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the United Kingdom, after reviewing available evidence.

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Non-Sense & Sensibility: Distorting Smile Aesthetics in the Frenzied Social Media Age

“Give them Quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” ~ Milton Hershey

Let’s put it out there bluntly: We are distorting the aesthetic sense of the public, plain and simple!

And by “we” I mean “us”, dental professionals who are supposedly the custodians and guardians of people’s smiles and oral health. The public today is under constant bombardment by images of so-called “smile makeovers” a lot of which are  sub-standard, to say the least,  and often without justification, under the guise of a laughable marketing term; The Hollywood Smile. Sadly, this seems to be especially true here in the Middle East. How this “One smile fits all” notion started can probably be traced back to the rise of social media and its associated online marketing several years back!

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