The 2nd Permanent Molars in Orthodontics: To Bond or Not to Bond?

Don’t Forget the Second Molars
“There is no excuse for failing to address the second molars in our treatment planning, especially considering the wealth of information available to the practicing orthodontist today. It is up to us to apply the therapeutic concepts that have already been developed for dealing with these challenging teeth, so that we can achieve the best possible long-term results for our patients.”

Back to Clinical Orthodontics, I would like to talk about the issue of including the second molars in fixed appliance treatment. The case for habitual bonding of the second permanent molars in orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances has been made on many occasions in orthodontic literature. however, it seems that -to date- many of us still overlook this vital step and do not perform it on a regular and consistent basis, thus loosing the potential benefits of such a measure. I, for one, have been guilty of this on many occasions in the past. Continue reading “The 2nd Permanent Molars in Orthodontics: To Bond or Not to Bond?”