AI and Deep Machine Learning in Orthodontics: Evidence-As-We-Go!

It has been a while since I last posted a blog post here on The Orthodontic Notefile, due to many time constraints and responsibilities since the early days of COVID-19. But now, I’d like to start putting out my thoughts again, whenever I can, as the world of Orthodontics has changed considerably since the start of the COVID pandemic, and I’m starting with a post about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The most promising avenue for the profession is to continue to develop augmented intelligence where the power of AI is harnessed by the orthodontist to the benefit of the patient.

Prof. Jean-Marc Retrouvey

I’ve recently had the honor and pleasure to have been invited to speak at The First India-International Orthodontic Symposium (IIOS 2023), in beautifully-located Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, India, on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and its revolutionary evolution in recent years, and the role it’s playing now – and will be playing in the future – in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. This event was jointly organized by the Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, The Indian Orthodontic Society and the Eurasian Association of Orthodontists.

In this post, I’d like to share several general points about AI and orthodontics, and also try to pin down my current thoughts on this rapidly-developing subject, and in particular as it may come to relate to Evidence-based Dentistry as we know it!.. so let’s begin.

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