“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”

Sarah Caldwell

I’ve always believed in the saying “Success lies in brilliant execution of the fundamentals.”  This page contains direct download links to several practical, self-published eBooks related to basic ideas and concepts in Orthodontics, as well as articles that I have published and freely shared over the years.  New – or updated – eBooks and articles will be added to this list as they are released.

Click the article or eBook titles below to download the PDF files. I hope you find them useful and relevant. Feel free to share this page.

(You are also invited to follow Dr. Samawi on Slideshare.net  for more useful online presentations and downloadable articles. Dr. Shadi Samawi also has a Certificate Diploma in Photography from the Hollywood Art Institute, and regularly lectures in multiple venues and through online webinars about various topics related to Orthodontics and Dental Photography. He is currently presenting his comprehensive Hands-On Course on Clinical Dental Photography both in Jordan & abroad.)

For a comprehensive list of lectures and courses in Clinical Photography and Orthodontics by Dr Shadi S. Samawi, click here.


Fallas MF, Abu-Alhaija ES, Alkhateeb SN, Samawi SS. Vertical gingival display changes associated with upper premolars extraction orthodontic treatment: A prospective clinical trial. J Clin Exp Dent. (2020), doi:10.4317/jced.57538

Is Piezocision effective in accelerating orthodontic tooth movement: A systematic review and meta-analysis

By Dr. Samer Mheissen, Haris Khan and Shadi Samawi

PLOS ONE: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0231492

CITATION:  Mheissen S, Khan H, Samawi S (2020) Is Piezocision effective in accelerating orthodontic tooth movement: A systematic review and meta-analysis. PLoS ONE 15(4): e0231492. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0231492


Clinical Digital Photography in Orthodontics: Professional Photographic Records in Daily Practice.

By Dr. Shadi Samawi

JDJ 2012; 18:20-32   (Jordan Dental Journal)


Books & Ebooks


3D Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Orthodontics:

An Atlas for the Clinician.

Editors: Jean-Marc Retrouvey and Mohamed-Nur Abdallah

Co-author | Chapter 2 :

“Use of Dental Photography in Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning”

Suzanne Lacombe, Marius Hack & Shadi Samawi


Thorough description of the roles of 3D imaging techniques | Explanation of the use of image fusion software | Wealth of illustrations plus supplementary videos

This richly illustrated book is a wide-ranging guide to modern diagnostics and treatment planning in orthodontics, which are mandatory prior to the initiation of any type of comprehensive treatment. The importance of three-dimensional (3D) imaging techniques has been increasingly recognized owing to the shortcomings of conventional two-dimensional imaging in some patients, such as those requiring complex adult treatment and those with temporomandibular joint dysfunctions or sleep disturbances. In the first part of this book, readers will find clear description and illustration of the diagnostic role of the latest 3D imaging techniques, including cone beam computed tomography, intra-oral scanning, and magnetic resonance imaging. The second part explains in detail the application of 3D techniques in treatment planning for orthodontic and orthognathic surgery. Guidance is also provided on the use of image fusion software for the purposes of accurate diagnosis and precise design of the most appropriate biomechanical approach in patients with malocclusions.



The 4 Keys to Mastery of Orthodontic Finishing - Shadi Samawi - 2015

From Good to Great: The 4 Keys to Mastery of Orthodontic Finishing (PDF)

By Dr. Shadi  Samawi

 “The 4 keys to Mastery of Orthodontic Finishing” are a broad distillation of personal notes regarding the topic of orthodontic finishing, that I have assimilated over the past 16 years, through direct mentoring, researching and learning from various resources and clinical texts, as well as through personal clinical experience.

It is helpful to look at the big picture in order to determine the scope of what needs to be done to achieve proper finishing, as well as to understand how to improve our efficiency at performing such steps. This eBook represents the current outline of my thought process and technique for each and every case I start, as I seek to Begin with the End in Mind.

Straight Wire Orthodontics - 1st Edition - 2014 - Shadi samawiStraight Wire Orthodontics: A Short Guide to Principles and Technique – 1st Edition (PDF)

 By Dr Shadi Samawi


This eBook is intended as a concise revision (refresher) text for any orthodontic professional or post-graduate student wishing to have a simplified, consolidated reference to most of the original concepts of SWA and technique. It is essentially a compilation of multiple credited sources, referencing various research and clinical experiences in relation to the Straight Wire Appliance and technique, as originally devised by Larry Andrews and subsequently modified and fine-tuned by other notable clinicians over the years.



A Short Guide to Clinical Digital Photography in Orthodontics - 2011 - Shadi Samawi

A Short Guide to Clinical Digital Photography in Orthodontics – 2nd Edition – 2011 (PDF)

By Dr Shadi Samawi


The follow-up to the First Edition (2008) of this popular eBook (over 10000 downloads from this site alone to date), A Short Guide to Clinical Digital Photography in Orthodontics – 2nd Edition is a guide for orthodontists outlining the basic principles, requirements and step-by-step image capture and editing techniques required for proper orthodontic photographic records. This edition – 2nd edition – has been completely revised and updated for 2011 with new information & chapters, equipment recommendations and a newly designed, easy to navigate layout.


A Short Guide to Clinical Digital Photography in Orthodontics – 1st Edition – 2008 (PDF)

By Dr Shadi Samawi

(Not Available for Download Anymore.)


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