A Tribute to “Prof”..

“No people have been honored for what they recieved. Honor has been the reward for what they gave.” ~ President Calvin Coolidge

The orthodontic community recently lost one of its absolute Greats; the late Prof. William Proffit, the man who – arguably – had the most influence on the orthodontic profession in the past 60 years or so. His landmark textbook Contemporary Orthodontics can be considered THE Bible of Orthodontics all over the world.

No one can give a better tribute to a person better than those who knew him closest, so it would be foolish to attempt to do so, however the best tribute one could share would be the kind words of The Prof’s own colleagues, and so I’d like to help share this tribute from their blog The Orthodontic Professors; an orthodontic blog to which Professor Proffit was a major contributor.

You can read Prof. Proffit’s tribute by following this link or by clicking below:


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