The Orthodontic Notefile’s Top Posts of 2016

Learning is not compulsory, but neither is survival.

~ W. Edwards Demi

Another year has passed, and it is time to reflect back on The Orthodontic Notefile’s top posts of 2016. These are the most informative and influential blog posts that made the biggest difference for the readers of The Orthodontic Notefile, in its third year of existence!

Take a look and get started on making 2017 your – and hopefully this blog’s – best year yet!

In 2017, I aim to maintain and enhance the “unique and different” flavor of The Orthodontic Notefile blog. The direction of future blog posts will veer towards positioning The Orthodontic Notefile as an Orthodontic Success Philosophy blog, that aims to discuss various new ideas, practical research and clinically-oriented tips, encompassing both the clinical treatment and practice management sides of the equation.

But for now, here are the Top Five pages and/or blog posts on The Orthodontic Notefile for 2016, according to WordPress Stats, are as follows:


I’ve always believed in the saying “Success lies in brilliant execution of the fundamentals.”  This page contains direct download links to several practical, self-published eBooks related to basic ideas and concepts in Orthodontics, as well as articles that I have published and freely shared over the years.  New – or updated – eBooks and articles will be added to this list as they are released.

Are You an Evidence-based Orthodontist?

A Guest Blog Post by Dr. Alexandre da Veiga Jardim, DDS; Clinical Professor at Universidade Paulista – Goiânia, Brazil.

Class III Malocclusion Camouflage using the Damon Q Self-ligating System :: A Summary Case Report

A brief case report demonstrating the effectiveness of the proper use of a passive self-ligating system (Damon Q) in camouflage treatment of an adult with a malocclusion of considerable skeletal discrepancy, namely; Class III malocclusion.

Checklists in Clinical Practice; Revisited

A follow-up to a previous popular post in 2015, this post introduced a few more checklist examples I personally implement in my practice for different parts of my clinical workflow, while explaining my rationale behind them.

Active versus Passive Self-Ligation? : Control versus Low-Friciton?

How do PASSIVE self-ligating systems (PSL) compare to ACTIVE self-ligating ones (ASL)?… Would a Hybrid appliance of both Active and Passive SL design give us the best of both worlds?…

Enjoy reading, and here’s to a great, joyful and more productive 2017 for all!
To your success,

Shadi S. Samawi


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